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Shawnee County Child Protection Team

  The purpose of the Shawnee County Multidisciplinary Child Protection Team is to provide consultation in an advisory capacity and to promote safety and well-being of children and families. The consultation is provided from a team approach.

Child Abuse is a community problem

 When a child is a victim of physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse or emotional abuse, it is the community's responsibility to work cooperatively to help that child.  Because there are so many children that this affects and a multitude of separate agencies in place to work with these children, some victims are lost in the shuffle. 

 As the number and complexity of child abuse reports has increased, resources to deal with the problems have not.  Agencies and professionals involved in addressing child maltreatment have struggled, often in isolation and occasionally at cross-purposes, to meet an increasing burden.  For years, some professionals have informally consulted across professional disciplines in an effort to cope with these problems.

The Shawnee County Multidisciplinary Child Protection team was formed in 1991 with multifaceted representation from the medical, legal, judicial, educational, law enforcement, mental health, and human services sectors.  The District Court of Shawnee County appoints the SCMCPT members.  The Team provides expert multidisciplinary team consultation, upon referral, concerning children alleged to be, or at risk of being, maltreated (abused/neglected).  The purpose of consultation is to be advisory in nature and to promote child safety and well-being.

Child Protection Team Members

The Shawnee County Multidisciplinary Child Protection Team (SCMCPT) was formed in 1991 with multifaceted representation from the following disciplines or community sectors:

Law Enforcement

Faith Community


Mental Health

Family Resources   



Supervised Parental Visitation

Contracting Foster Care Provider

Child Advocacy

Child Protective Services

Developmental Disabilities

Court Services

Public Health



How the MCPT Can Assist You

The Multidisciplinary Child Protection Team provides:

Alternative Care and Behavior     

Management Strategies

Comprehensive Consultation Services

Identification of Resources

Treatment Planning

Community Collaboration

Reduce Feelings of Isolation