LifeHouse Child Advocacy Center provides services to children who are victims of physical and/or sexual abuse, or are witnesses to domestic violence and other crimes. Our advocacy center does this through various programs and coordination of services.

Kids In Court

If you know a child who has been a victim or witness to a crime and might testify in court, please refer them to our Kids in Court Program.

Protecting Your Children: Advice From Child Molesters

Protecting Your Children: Advice From Child Molesters is a program for adults: parents, caregivers, professionals, etc. This program identifies a new approach to protecting our children from sexual predators.  The Center for Behavioral Intervention in Beaverton, Oregon collaborated with convicted sex offenders in their treatment program as part of a community service project.  Comments and advice detailing their grooming tactics and tricks to seduce children and families were collected in an effort to "be part of the solution."  .

LifeHouse Executive Director Kelly Stephens and Program Director and Forensic Interviewer Jill Shehi Chapman were able to attend this training and also the "train the trainer" program in the summer of 2014.  They are now qualified trainers and are excited to be presenting it to Shawnee County and surrounding communities.  Since launching the program in August of 2014, with the support of the Topeka Police Department and the Shawnee County Sheriff's Office, over 500 individuals have attended a presentation to learn how to keep their children safe from predators.  One message is very clear: children cannot be expected to protect themselves.  There is no substitute for an adult taking an active role in the safety of their child.

Safe Talk

Project Safe Talk provides a safe and comfortable environment for child victims of and/or witnesses to sexual and physical abuse to talk about what happened. The forensic interview is recorded so the child only has to have one interview. The recorded forensic interview benefits the investigation and prosecution of cases in which children are a victim or a witness of a crime.

Shawnee County Child Protection Team

The purpose of the Shawnee County Multidisciplinary Child Protection Team is to provide consultation in an advisory capacity and to promote safety and well-being of children and families. The consultation is provided from a team approach.

Talking About Touching, Keeping Children Safe From Harm

The Talking About Touching program is a research-based personal safety curriculum that helps teachers and parents work together to provide the rules, encouragement, and skill practice that children need to protect themselves. As a comprehensive personal safety program, the Talking About Touching curriculum teaches children simple safety rules that guide them toward safe decision making.

 Women of Steel Resource Library

Thanks to a generous donation from Local 307's Women of Steel, we were able to open the newly developed "Women Of Steel" Resource Library. This library makes books and videos on the subject of child abuse, prevention, healing and education available to the community, to the victims we serve and their parents, and to the community's educators.